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Hercules Graphic Card

Radeon 9800XT
(R360) NEW
R360 series is the industry's most visually advanced VPU featuring full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, real-time cinematic precision and the world's fastest 3D gameplay. R360 series supports the AGP 8X standard, enabling blazing fast clock speeds with massive fill rates to surpass the most demanding next-generation gaming requirements. R360 series' 256-bit DDR memory interface and 8 programmable pixel pipelines ensure performance and stability in the industry's only cinematic Visual Processing Unit (VPU) in its 3rd generation. Engineered for virtual perfection, R360 series renders complex shader effects in real-time, resulting in remarkably smooth realistic animation.

Radeon 9600XT
™ (RV360) NEW

RV360 series uses the latest graphics technology and most dependable drivers to deliver cinematic visual quality with unprecedented mainstream power and video features. With an advanced quad-pipe architecture, dual geometry engines, and support for the AGP8X standard, RV360 series supports Microsoft® DirectX® 9, enabling the most demanding next-generation games and multimedia applications. RV360 series includes hardware DIVX Decoding and Theater Mode for an enhanced multimedia experience. With programmable vertex and pixel shaders for stunning cinematic effects, PC enthusiasts and avid gamers alike will enjoy barrier-free PC entertainment.

Radeon All In Wonder 9800Pro/9800SE/9600Pro/9200SE
Grab the remote and surf an unprecedented set of TV, DVD, audio and video features. With 128MB DDR memory and an 8-pixel pipeline, ALL-IN-WONDER® 9800 PRO delivers increased rendering power for faster, cinematic quality graphics. Filled with customizable home entertainment features, ALL-IN-WONDER® is the engine behind cutting-edge gaming, broadcast and PC entertainment.

RADEON™ 9800 Series
RADEON™ 9800 Series of visual processors is the most visually advanced 3D performer on the planet, delivering an immersive, cinematic experience for the most demanding next-generation games with up to 256MB of DDR memory and a 256-bit memory interface. Merging advanced stability with revolutionary features, RADEON™ 9800 Series is the only Visual Processing family in its 2nd generation.

Radeon 9600
Explore stunning new worlds of cinematic gameplay with the unprecedented combination of power, performance, and Microsoft® DirectX® 9 optimized support featured in RADEON™ 9600 family of visual processors. Maximize your long-term entertainment value with its Quad-pipe architecture and high precision cinematic shaders that will upgrade expectations for devoted gamers and casual fans alike – and push the most compelling next-generation games to their limit.

Radeon 9200

Highly evolved and extremely programmable, RADEON™ 9200 Series opens a stunning new world of immersive gameplay for PC enthusiasts. Powered by high-performance features including a Quad-pipe architecture, the future-friendly RADEON™ 9200 Series of visual processors delivers a dazzling visual experience optimized to support the most compelling next-generation 3D gaming environments of today and tomorrow.

RADEON 7500™

RADEON™ 7500 is a powerful and versatile graphic solution.64MB of powerful DDR memory along with the RADEON™ 7500 GPU provides high performance acceleration of today's demanding 3D graphic applications. Industry leading DVD playback, support for dual independent displays, and support for digital flat panel (DVI-I) monitors meet the needs of a wide range of home and business graphic users.